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first scan booked,but now...

you need to setup your fit3d account before you arrive.

Hey, I am Mat. The owner of Club Fitness. 

I look forward to seeing you smash out this challenge!

Before you arrive for your body scan, I need you to set up your Fit3D body scan account. This will save you time when you arrive for the scan. You’ll need to remember your password!

Fit3D body scan is what we will do on the first and last week of the challenge. 

The weigh ins during the other weeks will be on a normal scale or your home scale. The first and last weigh ins need to be on the same day and on the gym scales. 

The other weekly weigh ins during the challenge can be on any day, but Monday is best, or at the very least, the same day each week. Remember that the body can fluctuate in weight throughout the day so keep your weigh in at the same time of the day, and the same conditions. i.e. before a meal, before exercising. 

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