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Go to the Fit3D website to set up your account. It is best to do this before you arrive for your scan!  

Please don’t perform vigorous exercise 2 hours prior to your test, however you are completely fine to exercise straight afterwards. If you’ve got long hair, you’ll need to tie their hair in a bun . Do not have a large meal or drink large amounts 2 hours before your test. 

Do not forget to go to the Fit3D website to set up your account before your scan

Open this image in full screen to get a better idea.

The scanner works by using a ‘non-invasive, near infrared camera’ with a standard image sensor. It takes around 1,200 photos of you and then uses a precise algorithm to determine your measurements. Our Fit3D places you in the same position every time you come in for a scan so you can truly compare your images over time.  

Our Fit3D Body scanner provides you with a body analysis comprising hundreds of metrics and images in one 40 second scan. You can share this data with your PT who’ll help you with programmes to achieve your fitness goals. 

Fit3D tracks your body measurements at each scan. Measurements include: neck, bust (for women), chest (for men), biceps, forearm, waist, thigh, hip, and calf. You can use your measurements in any way you like and monitor changes over time to see where you are gaining or losing inches!

Complete Posture Analysis
Our Fit3D Body Scan provides a thorough analysis of your posture. The Fit3D Body Scan posture report includes an analysis of your balance and evaluation of your head, neck, shoulders, hips, knees, and ankle positioning to show where your posture may need improvement.  

Body Shape Rating (BSR)
Fit3D has created a formula that uses information about your body to create a score called a Body Shape Rating (BSR). Your BSR is compared against other people with similar age, height, sex, and weight. Increasing the density of your body by lowering your body fat and increasing your muscle will improve your BSR over time.  

The scan itself takes less than 60 seconds! Plan to be in the gym for about 15 minutes for your first Fit3D Body Scan. Subsequent visits only take about 5 minutes.  

We have various options from one off 3D Body scans, and membership options. It is best to check out the options page.

Your confidential analytics are sent directly to your email, or a handy app, to help you identify issues and monitor your progress.  

  • People working towards weight loss goals or body transformations.

  • Athletes wanting to track changes in measurements  

  • Men and women that need accurate measurements for clothing shopping – several brands integrate with Fit3D to ensure a great fit!

  • Competitive bodybuilders tracking changes in body appearance during off season or during contest prep.

Yes! The 3D cameras are no different to those in your mobile phone. It is even safe for those who are pregnant or who have artificial implants/joints. When you stand on the scanner platform it will rotate very slowly. By the end of 2018 over 1,000,000 people had been tested on the scanner and there had been no reports of anyone falling off.  

Because your report will include detailed measurements of your body, it’s best to wear as little clothing as you’re comfortable with. Some people choose to wear form-fitting athletic wear like leggings and a sports bra. Others choose to do their scan in underwear or even nude. You always have full privacy during your scan and your images are never shared with our staff unless you specifically choose to do so. We suggest avoiding compression clothes for the most accurate measurements.  

Using your private online login, your 3D images will only be seen by you. Your measurements (numbers) and the outline of your body will be seen by your testing technician.