Membership Plans

12 week challenge

terms & conditions

$30 Entry gets you:

  • Entry to the 12 week challenge 
  • The chance to win $500 
  • Send in your weekly weigh ins via QR code, or you can weight in at the gym each week during staff hours.
  • Starting Fit3D body scan
  • Finish Fit3D body scan (if you do not miss two consecutive weigh ins)
  • Weekly results posted to Club Fitness Facebook page including leaderboards (but will share your weight, only the loss) 
This does not include any personal training or nutrition plans and is open to all of Whanganui – you do not need to be a gym member. 

How to win?

A combined approach will be made that considers the following to decide the winner:

  • Total kilograms dropped
  • % of weight lost
  • Measurements from the 3D scan (including various metrics like body fat%, BMI, Body Shape rating) 
  • 3D scan outline difference


  • If under 10 entrants, challenge date will be moved until we have 20 entrants
  • Weekly weigh in to can be done at home or within gym hours
  • Two missed weigh ins in a row results in disqualification
  • Starting 3D scan needs to take place on the booked day of week 1
  • Finishing scan needs to take place the same day of week 12
  • Final 3D body scan only available to those still doing weekly weigh ins
  • This is open to to anyone in Whanganui, not just Club Fitness members.
  • You give permission for Club Fitness to post your name and results. We will never share your actual weight or image without your permission. 


  • This does not give you free access to the gym.
  • If you are not currently exercising, please check in with your doctor first
  • 3D Scans are private and you are the only person in the room
  • The weekly weigh ins will be on a scale at the gym or at your home. No shoes and normal gym attire.